New Webletter

Dear Brethren and Friends,

I’m pleased to launch our new GGCF WEBLETTER at the current God of Grace Christian Fellowship, Inc. website. We thank the Lord for the people behind, who made this site possible. I call it a “webletter,” because it’s a newsletter on the web.

It’s nothing fanciful.  But in this simple bi-monthly webletter, you will find all news items and prayer requests of the church. You will know what’s happening in our ministry of proclaiming the God of Grace and the Glory of His Grace. Since space is limited, the webletter will be updated once every 2 weeks or bi-monthly. It will give you time to read it over 1-2 weeks.

Do find time to read it. Just type, “God of Grace Christian Fellowship Cebu City,” through Yahoo, not Google. (I don’t really know why it doesn’t appear through Google.) You will find the link at the top of the page.  (You won’t miss it!)  Then click the link. You will be there in no time.

Happy reading!

Yours in His Glorious Grace,



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