Love is Not Rude 2

images6There’s an interesting groundbreaking research by Anita Chandra, a Rand Corp. behavioral scientist. Results suggest that pregnancy rates are much higher among teens who watch a lot of TV with sexual dialogue and behavior than among those who have tamer viewing tastes. The study involved 2,000 12-17 years old American girls and boys questioned by telephone about their TV viewing habits in 2001. Programs included “Sex and the City,” “That 70s Show,” and “Friends.” (Sun Star Cebu Nov 5, 2008) These shows only destroy the moral fabric of people young and old. This kind of rudeness tramples the moral law of God. We wouldn’t watch x-rated movies.  Yet we allow rude shows to invade our home and destroy our values.

I heard about a Pastor who liked to say green jokes in front of other people. How can a Pastor who is supposed to represent God ever afford to do that?! Such indecent behavior offends God, betraying a lack of loving concern for the good of others (See Eph. 5:3-4).

The Corinthians acted rudely with each other. Some of them did not wait for the others during the Lord’s Supper. They just went ahead and ate the food, leaving nothing to the others. Some of them committed immorality, behaving indecently in front of the church. Some of them behaved like politicians, siding with Paul and others, with Apollos.

Paul said that love is not rude, however. Again, it’s a present tense here. Love does not behave badly or dirty in front of others continually. Serving others in the Body of Christ requires a love that does not keep on behaving indecently. This kind of love is sensitive to what others would think or feel. Because at the root of all indecency is a sinful disposition to disregard the moral values and standards of other people and of God.

Yet agape love is not rude. It does not keep on behaving shamefully. The reason is that it keeps on thinking of how it will glorify God. It is constantly concerned with how to build up the faith of others, without causing them any stumblingblock. It keeps on being sensitive to their needs, rather than trampling their faith by behaving improperly.

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