Love Does Not Rejoice at Wrongdoing

k0246642Here’s the 8th and last “not” about agape love. Love “does not rejoice at wrongdoing” (1 Cor. 13:6, ESV). “Rejoice” from chairei is present indicative of chairo, “to enjoy a state of happiness and well-being” (Greek-English Lexicon, s. v. χαιρει). “Wrongdoing” is from adikia, “injustice” (Concise Greek-English Dictionary, s. v. αδικια) “an activity which is unjust – ‘unjust deed, unrighteousness’” (Greek-English Lexicon, s. v. αδικια). This means that love is not glad at injustice or unrighteousness.

I remember those days when I would laugh at green or dirty jokes. I would admire people who were “chickboys.” I would smile at people who were drunkards. But I didn’t realize that I was smiling at jokes that offended God. I was admiring people who conquered women, but destroyed themselves and their families. I laughed with drunkards, who wasted their money and bodies on alcohol, and went home to their families on the wee hours of the morning.

When talk show host Kris Aquino got into a fight with ex-boyfriend Joey Marquez, she threw mud at him. Suddenly, many people joined in. That’s when Joey Marquez’ famous beauty queen sister, Melani Marquez, defended him. She said, “Please do not judge my brother, because he is not a book.” She wanted to say, “Please don’t judge Joey. Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

People always find pleasure in attacking other people who sin. Some even approve the sins of other people. Love is not glad when people fall into sin. It does not find pleasure in hearing about people who are accused of sin. It is not happy with news about people who committed sin.

Love does not rejoice in wrongdoing.

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Disclaimer:  I’ve tried to give credit to whom credit is due.  If there is any original thought or reference which I failed to footnote, please call my attention.  Once validated, it will be corrected immediately.


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