Love is Enduring

images15Have you heard of churches today that put so high a value on tongues, prophecy, and knowledge? The Corinthians also put so high a value on these charismatic gifts. But Paul told them to seek love, because unlike these gifts, which are temporal, love is enduring.

Oftentimes, we think that the presence of tongues, prophecies, and knowledge make a church spiritual. Yet the Corinthian church had all these charismatic gifts, but the apostle still rebuked them for their lack of spirituality. Paul rebuked them for their lack of love for each other. Thus, to Paul, what makes a church truly spiritual is not so much the charismatic gifts present in that church, as in how much agape love they serve one another. To the apostle, the sign of spirituality is not spiritual gifts, but a strong spirit of agape love.

I would rather attend a church that majors in love, than a church that majors in tongues. Because the church that loves one another is the church that produces results that are enduring. Tongues will cease. Prophecies and knowledge will pass away. But love is enduring. Thus, we should seek it above all other gifts.

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