To Cover Our Sin 2

k09251971Maybe you may ask, “Why do I have to make amends with God?” Because you have sinned against a holy God. Sin is a breaking of the law of God. There is the sheer sinfulness of your sin. It is a great offense to a holy God.

Now when you make amends with God, you don’t go to God with your own conditions. In salvation, God comes to you first with His conditions, then you go to God. You go to God, obeying His conditions for making amends with Him.

What are God’s conditions for expiation, for making amends with Him? The Old Testament says that you cover your sin. How? You offer a bloody sacrifice. Now in the New Testament, Christ is our expiation, our covering for our sin. All the sacrifices in the Old Testament were but a shadow of the real thing—the sacrifice of Christ on the cross.

One day, Harry Ironside visited a sheep ranch. There he saw a strange looking sheep that looked a lot different than the rest of the sheep. He asked the sheep rancher, “What kind of sheep is that?” The rancher explained, “Mr. Ironside, let me tell you the whole story. On the day that sheep was born, its mother died. Later, a mother sheep gave birth to a baby sheep, and the baby sheep died. So we thought that we should put together the mother of the dead sheep, with the baby sheep of the dead mother. But the mother sheep did not accept the baby sheep. So we thought of an idea. We cut the wool of the dead sheep; and used the wool to cover the baby sheep. The next time the mother sheep saw the wool of her dead sheep, covering the baby sheep, which is not hers, she began to accept the baby sheep as her own.”

Christ died on the cross for your sin and my sin. He shed His blood on the cross.  His blood is a covering of our sin. If you’ve trusted Christ as your Savior, and God looks at you, God sees the blood of Christ that covers your sin.

Come to Christ today. Turn from your sin. Trust Christ as your Savior. And His blood will cover your sin.

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