The Sample of the Resurrection

images8We are now into our 2nd series on, “His Resurrection, Our Resurrection.” In our 1st series, we studied the consequences, “If Christ is Not Risen” from the dead. Now, we will look into Christ as “The Sample of the Resurrection.”

The word, “closed,” is one of the most disappointing words in life. Take for example one day when you want to go to the beach. You’re all packed with your shorts, sun tan lotion, and sandals. You travel for 45 minutes to get there. The kids are already talking about what they’re going to do at the beach. Then when you arrive there, you see the sign at the gate, “closed.”

How about when you’ve been preparing many years for that promotion? You worked hard day and night. Your family sees you only in the morning and evening. You try to please your boss. Then one day, somebody else was promoted. There’s a sign staring in front of you, “closed.”

I’ve been preaching in funerals of brethren who’ve passed away. It occurred to me recently, that the day you die is the day you close your eyes and never open it again. Death is but having your eyes “closed” in this life.

Paul wrote in v. 20, “But in fact Christ has been raised from the dead” (1 Cor. 15:20, ESV). Death is getting your eyes “closed.” But the resurrection of Christ means that someday soon, He will “open” your eyes–literally.k0098755

Death on earth is the “closure” of all things. But the resurrection of Jesus is the “opening” of all things eternal! We can be sure that the dead in Christ will rise soon. This certainty is based on the fact that Christ is the Sample of the Resurrection.

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