Firstfruits Offering

k1677831In the firstfruits offering (Lev. 23:10), the Israelites were to pick the re’shiyth of their harvest—the “first, beginning, best, chief, choice part.” (BDB) “The best of the firstfruits of your ground you shall bring into the house of the Lord your God” (Ex. 23:19, emphasis added). Jehovah wanted the FIRST and BEST of their crops. The first and best of their crops means that ALL of their harvest belonged to the LORD. The firstfruits offering signified that they owe their freedom from Egyptian bondage, their new land, and their livelihood to the LORD (Deut. 26:1-19).

Have you offered your firstfruits to the LORD? Some Pastors teach that it should be the first salary on your first job. Some teach that your firstfruits should be your biggest income so far. That is all nice to hear. It will certainly increase the monthly offerings!

But that’s not what the firstfruits offering means in the Bible. Firstfuits offering does not mean that you give one month income only, and then keep the rest of your monthly income for the rest of the year. The firstfruits offering means that you owe your FIRST and BEST income and assets to the LORD. What are your first and best assets today? It can be your best jewelry, your best cell phone, your best car, your best house (if you have many houses), or if you don’t have much, the best of what you have.

Perhaps due to a misinterpretation of the firstfruits offering by their pastors, some sincere Christians will give their first month salary as their firstfruits offering but then, keep the best of their assets from the Lord. They will keep their best jewelry, their best car, their best house, or their their best possession from the Lord. They will raise money from other people to give money to their church building campaign, for example, while keeping their best cell phones, cars, and jewelry from going to the church building. Yet the Lord has provided already the money for their church building. It’s in their assets!

In firstfruits giving, the faith premise behind it is that you give your FIRST and BEST to the Lord, believing that ALL your harvest, all your income, or all your productivity belongs to the LORD. If the Lord owns it, then all of it belongs to Him. If all of it belongs to Him, then you have no right to keep it.

What should be your right attitude toward your assets? You stop living as if you own it! Live each day, knowing that the LORD owns your life, your livelihood, your family, and your future. Offer it your firstfruits offering to the Lord–your FIRST and BEST. Don’t keep it. Give it to Him, recognizing that He owns it all, and surrendering your right to it.

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