Fireproof Your Marriage 1

fireproof_desktop2_smThe title above just about summarizes the hit Christian movie, “Fireproof.” The film is a love story, starring Kirk Cameron, of the 80s TV series, “Growing Pains,” fame and Erin Bethea. It spotlights a firefighter whose marriage is crumbling and heading for divorce. The beauty about the movie is the grace of God in the life of Capt. Caleb Holt (Cameron). The healing of his marriage began right where every right relationship should start—Jesus. With his father’s encouragement, Caleb accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

Caleb’s father then urged him to commit himself to practice, “The Love Dare.” It is a Bible-based, 40-day schedule of doing right things to one’s marriage partner. Caleb tried his best but to no avail. He and his wife (Bethea) kept on fighting. But Caleb persevered. He has long been rescuing fire victims. Now, he is set to rescue his wife’s heart.

The movie is about how Jesus changed the life of a temperamental husband. It shows how a changed partner can heal a marriage. It demonstrates how one spouse can help break down the hatred, heal the pain, and overcome distrust in a marriage.

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2 thoughts on “Fireproof Your Marriage 1

  1. pastor,
    vey nice & i am blessed with that kind of movie!!! its worth it!!! i really appreciate it!!! specially to the newly wed…

    • hello isabel,

      if you had not strongly suggested that we show the movie in church, i wouldn’t have thought of it. thank you for letting the Lord use you in wonderful ways. you were a blessing to the young people, leading the youth ministry and teaching sunday school. you were also a blessing to the elders of the church, during our board meetings. one day, i realized that one of my best men in church is a woman! hehe

      may you continue to serve the Lord where you are now, with Tyrone. God bless you and Tyrone, as you begin a new family.

      pastor henry

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