Fireproof Your Marriage 4

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3. A changed wife (husband) will do her (his) best to win back her (his) partner, no matter what. Caleb kept on doing the right things to his wife, despite weeks of rejection and distrust.  His wife asked him one day, how many days has he covered with, “The Love Dare.”  He replied, “43.”  It has only 40 days, his wife answered.  Then he said, “Whoever said I should stop?”  He never stopped, regardless.

4. A resolved husband (wife) will be the first to say, “Sorry,” and show it. When his wife got sick, there was Caleb’s chance to show his love by staying at home with her.  But he didn’t stop there.  During their conversation, he knelt by the bed, and tearfully said, “I’m SORRY!  I’ve been so selfish.”

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2 thoughts on “Fireproof Your Marriage 4

  1. Great job Henry…Keep writing and posting. For sure this will encouraged growing and struggling couples find strength in the Word.God bless.

    • hello kuya nas!

      you’re still kuya nas to me! we had good times back in campus crusade days in college in the early 80s.
      thank you for your encouraging words.
      the Lord continue to use you wonderfully for His glory, touching many lives with the Gospel.
      perhaps one day you could speak in our church.

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