The Shadow of Mylene’s Aneurysm 2

Then on Thursday, her boss called to tell me that somebody withdrew a large amount of money from Mylene’s payroll account. She was unreachable, and now this. Several theories filled my mind. She must have had a migraine attack, just like last year. If there’s no friend nearby, then she’s alone. If a friend is with her, that friend must have gotten the money. But what does she need the cash for in Manila? She must have been kidnapped. Somebody must have forced her to tell her ATM number. The things we imagine when we don’t know anything . . .

That Thursday afternoon, while I was talking with the national head of her office, my cell rang. It was Mylene. She said she was somewhere at SM Fairview. Randy and his boys raced to pick her up. I was relieved. It was like a thorn removed from my flesh. A heavy weight was suddenly lifted from my shoulders. Knowing that she’s safe, we went ahead with our church outing. That week, she mostly slept every day, waking up only to eat food. She finally went home to Cebu last May 8, 2009.

But that was just the beginning. Her neurologist, Dr. Emerito Calderon, diagnosed her as having had “Transient Global Amnesia.” That’s why she couldn’t remember many things in those 3 days. He said it was caused by a mild stroke. But what caused the mild stroke? He recommended a battery of tests—MRI, EEG, 2Decho, etc. The doctor said 80% of people with aneurysm suddenly just get go comatose. Some get paralyzed. Some just die without any warning at all.  She belonged to the 20%.  “You’re lucky,” the doctor said.  I replied, “Dr., it’s because of the grace of God.”

Meanwhile, she must monitor her blood pressure twice a day. She must not stress herself. I talked with our 2 kids. From now on, you should not cause any stress to your mom, I said. (That goes for me, too. I should now behave like a good boy.)

That week, a radiologist wanted her to undergo an MRA. When Dr. Calderon heard about it, he was worried. He got the results. He said Mylene has aneurysm in the brain. An aneurysm is a blood-filled bulge in the blood vessel. But just to be sure, she should go through an angiogram.


3 thoughts on “The Shadow of Mylene’s Aneurysm 2

  1. The Lord will not lead us to a place where His grace can not follow.

    For all things (good or bad) work together for GOOD…….Rom 8:28

  2. how true! if only we will live for him and not for the world and its ways, after all the grace we receive from him!

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