The Shadow of Mylene’s Aneurysm 5

I told Dr. Singidas that we are praying for the Lord’s hand upon him. He will conduct the coiling. Curious, he asked, “What church do you belong?” I said, “We’re Baptists. We believe the Bible. We’re trusting the Lord to guide you, for a successful operation.” Even in crisis, I was able to share with him about the power of the Lord.

The doctor said the operation will take 3 hours. He finished in just 2. It was a success! The angiogram showed it. After 1 day in the ICU, Mylene was transferred to a regular room. She was discharged 2 days later.

Today, she’s recuperating fast. During the first week, she felt tired every day. The doctors said no going around for 1-2 months! That means no malling and no shopping! Praise God! Depending on her recovery, she can get back to work after that. She continues to take 3 kinds of medicines—for her stroke, migraine, and high cholesterol.

Somebody asked me how I managed to keep a smiling face in the hospital. What she didn’t know was that I didn’t have a tear left to cry.  I remember people asking me, “How are you now?” Those words bless me. It tells me that people care for Mylene, praying for her, supporting me.


7 thoughts on “The Shadow of Mylene’s Aneurysm 5

  1. Bro Henry,

    My heart goes out for you and Mylene. I’m sorry I didn’t know sooner.

    I prayed for both of you. I will be asking my wife Joy to include you and your family in our prayer list as well.

    I praise God for His Sovereignty into your life.
    Your bro in Christ,


    • dear brother jan,

      good to hear from you. thank you for your prayers for us. your prayers and concern bless us beyond words.

      the Lord is sovereign indeed. as james said, we count it all joy when we face various trials, for we know that the testing of our faith produces perseverance (James 1:1-4).

      the Lord keep you and make His face to shine upon you,


  2. thank you pastor for sharing your blog to me. . . i just realized how important Mylene is to you—this is a wonderful story of God’s love and guidance to His children. . . i will be in prayer for Mylene . . . and her recovery. . .

    God bless po!

    • hello dra. nori,

      oh, yes. mylene is that important, but i think she loves me more. haha! truly God is gracious, even in this.

      thank you for offering your prayers for her recovery. it is like a sweet aroma that reaches the throne of grace.

      the Lord keep you,


  3. Hello Bro. Henry,
    I just read your blog with the news about Inday Mylene. I am crying now and praying for God’s extra grace for you and her. We will pray for her recovery and for you to be strenghtened in the LOrd. God bless you for such a wonderful hudband for her.
    I & Pastor Jun are enjoying your emails for us. Sorry that we are not replying you back. We have been blessed by you.
    Where are you staying now? Are you still in Cebu? We will visit you if we can.
    Psalm 50: 15 “Call unto in your time of trouble and I will deliver you,” says the Lord.
    God has a wonderful plan for you in all these things.
    God bless!

    Ate Che & Ptr. Jun

    • Hello ate che and ptr. jun,

      thank you very much for your prayers. no wonder we went through that trial in great faith and strength. because you prayed!

      am now pursuing my thm-biblical studies in asia graduate school of theology, manila. but i come home weekly for family and church ministries (office bible study, preaching, and overseeing church planting). it’s a heavy sched, but by his grace, it is doable.

      glad to know that you’re enjoying the blog contents. thank you for ps. 50:15–what an encouraging verse!

      the lord keep you,


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