The Shadow of Mylene’s Aneurysm (Final)

We thank the Lord for His grace and strength for Mylene as well as all of us.

  1. Her aneurysm affected only her memory, causing amnesia. It could have been worse—paralysis, comatose, or sudden death.

  2. She belonged to the less than 20% who receive “prior warning.”

  3. Her amnesia lasted only 3 days. It could have been longer.

  4. Despite her amnesia, she still remembers me after that!

  5. Despite the gravity of her sickness, Mylene was calm and self-controlled.

  6. We got discounts from Dr. Potenciano Larrazabal, Pres. of Cebu Doctor’s Hospital, from the supplier of the coils and materials, and from the doctors. Cost savings total about P150,000.00 ($ 3, 144)! It could have gone higher.

  7. Many people here and abroad prayed. What a blessing! Their prayers were like a sweet aroma that reached the throne of heaven! And the Lord answered!

  8. Her brothers and sister, relatives, and friends—all visited her, brought food (food was free!), encouraged her, prayed for her, some cried for her (secretly). Blessings all ours, with ten thousand beside!

  9. Our church, her brother’s church, family of churches (IBCP) and some dear folks gave money—totalling P65,000.00 ($ 1, 362) by last count. God bless them!

  10. Mylene is recovering fast! The Lord’s strength is made perfect in her weakness. His grace is sufficient for her. His unfailing love is always new every morning she wakes up!


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