Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? – 12

3. Ask for Wisdom. “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God”(Jas. 1:5, NKJV). I used to believe that this promise is for me, when I take exams in school; or when I buy something; or who I should marry; or how to make money. But then I realized that it is not a promise for all believers at all times. It is a promise only to those believers in times of trials.

This verse is set against the context of trials and troubles of the believers during the time of James. And so James is saying that in times of trials and troubles, we need wisdom. We need not just wisdom of men, but wisdom from God.

When Randy, Mylene’s eldest brother, visited her in the hospital, he prayed, “Lord, thank you for giving wisdom and strength to Henry.” Then I thought to myself, that’s really what the Lord did. He gave me wisdom.

When the doctor announced on Monday that Mylene had aneurysm, I needed the wisdom of God. I had to decide whether to go for brain surgery or coiling procedure. The Lord guided me to decide on the coiling. Then I had to decide whether to wait for the doctor to come back from the States, or to get her into the operating table by Wednesday. I said, “Dr., I don’t have the money yet, but let’s go on with the operation on Wednesday.” And we did. On Wednesday, they saw that Mylene’s aneurysm was already leaking blood. It could have been worse.

The noun, “wisdom,” is from sophia—“Good judgment in the face of the demands made by human and specif. by the Christian life” (BAGD); “the capacity to understand and, as a result, to act wisely—‘to be prudent’” (Louw-Nida).

We need God’s wisdom on how to deal with difficult trials. We need God’s wisdom on how to learn lessons that God wants to teach in trials. We need God’s wisdom on how to overcome trials in life. If you lack this wisdom, James said, “ask God.”


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