Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People? – 8

3. The Eyes of the Wicked.Their eyes swell out through fatness” (Ps. 73:7, ESV). The verb, “swell,” here is from yatsa’, “to go or come out” in the Qal stem (BDB). Have you seen somebody who is so fat that their eyes are about to come out? But isn’t it true that fat people have deeper eyes, because the fat seems to cover their eyes. It could be symbolic speech here. It means that the way their look at life, their self-confidence, their pride and proud words (v. 6) go out or come out of their prosperity.[1]

Isn’t that how prosperous people behave sometimes? They’re so healthy, wealthy, and powerful that their pride and their self-confidence come out!

4. The Heart of the Wicked.Their hearts overflow with follies” (Ps. 73:7, ESV). “Overflow” is from abr, “To pass over, cross over, march over, overflow, go over” in the Qal stem (BDB). It is completed action (Qal Perfect). Their hearts already overflow with follies.

I remember one day 20 years ago in Tacloban City. When I woke up one morning in our rented house, I got out of bed.  I stepped on the floor, but the floor was no more. It was all water. Our house was flooded. There was a drainage problem in our street.  The canals and culverts overflowed.  Our house was flooded. We had no elevated bed. We slept on a bed on the floor, like we do today. That’s why in Tacloban, there are only 2 kinds of weather, “Wet and very wet.” The waters there overflow, like the follies of the wicked.

What are these follies? “Follies” is from maskiyt, literally, “a figure (carved on stone, the wall, or any object); figuratively, imagination:–conceit” (Strong). Their hearts are not only encircled with pride like a necklace. Their hearts also spilled over with imaginations. The conceited self-confidence of their hearts overflow, like a river overflows its banks. Their hearts are flooded with conceited thoughts. What are their conceited thoughts? They think that they’re the VIPs of the world! They think that the whole world revolves around them.

[1] Keil and Delitzsch, Commentary, Bible Speak CD.


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