Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People? – 9

1. The Mocking of the Wicked.They scoff and speak with malice; loftily they threaten oppression” (Ps. 73:8, ESV). “Scoff” is the verb, yamiqw, “to mock, deride, jeer” (BDB). The verb is Hiphil Imperfect, indicating an incomplete process, before completion. They cause themselves to go to the process of scoffing, mocking, and jeering God and His people. They mock men. And they mock God. They mock people who obey God. They mock the church. They mock the Bible. They mock our values!

I read about a story of a thief who broke inside a house.  He was about to rob the money from a safe on the wall.  Suddenly, a voice said behind him, “Jesus sees you.”  He turned around and saw a parrot inside his cage.  With a mocking smile, he said to the parrot, “Jesus sees me alright. But he is not here.”  Then the parrot said, “Jesus sees you.”

Irritated, the thief said, “I told you Jesus is not here right now!” Then a large doberman walked up to the thief with a snarl!  Then the parrot said, “That’s Jesus now.”

“Speak” is the verb, wiydabrw, from dab’r, “to promise” in the Piel stem (BDB). “Malice” is from b’ra, “bad, evil” (BDB). The wicked promise bad words and evil things intensely and intentionally. They do so “loftily,” from a high position of pride and power. And so they speak down on people below them. They promise “oppression,” from ‘osheq, “cruelly, extortion” (Strong). Because they are full of pride and power, they speak bad things and cruel things against God and the powerless. And they seem to get away with it.

2. The Mouth of the Wicked.They set their mouths against the heavens, and their tongue struts through the earth” (Ps. 73:9, ESV). They feel so proud and powerful that their words reach the heavens and the earth. People far and wide can hear their evil words. Even without raido and TV, their words are broadcast everywhere.

They say, ‘How does God know what we do? Is the sovereign one aware of what goes on?’” (Ps. 73:11, NKJV). Out of their proud and sinful hearts, they say with their mouths, “God does not know everything. He is not omniscient.” They announce to the people of Israel, “Does your God really know?  No, he doesn’t know about you here in Babylon.” They ask, “How can God be said to be the omniscient Ruler of the world?”[1] They seem to say, “How can he be the all-knowing ruler of the world, when we are the rulers of this world, and we know everything?

[1] Keil and Delitzsch, Commentary, Bible Speak CD.


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