Keep Running! – 4

We are to lay aside, not only every weight, but also every entangling sin. What is this entangling sin? Heb. 11 talks about faith in God. Therefore, the sin that hinders endurance in the race would be the sin of unbelief. This sin of unbelief refuses to believe in the finished work of Christ, but holds on to the requirements of the Law. “It was unbelief that kept Israel out of the Promised Land, and it is unbelief that hinders us from entering into our spiritual inheritance in Christ.”[1] The sin of unbelief will stop us from persevering in this race.

The verb phrase, “clings so closely,” is actually one word in the Greek—ehuperistatos, which means, “easily ensnaring” (BAGD); “holding on tightly and causing entanglement” (Newman).

I read a story about a four-year-old who was found walking the streets, drinking beer and wearing a dress. Hayden Wright escaped from his home one night. His mother April said, “He runs away trying to find his father. He wants to get in trouble so he can go to jail, because that’s where his daddy is.”

The boy rang the doorbell of a nearby neighbor, who found him holding a partially drunk can of beer. He got the can of beer out of his father’s cooler at home. Hayden then got “into a nearby house, and stole five Christmas gifts, one of which was the brown girl’s dress that he was wearing when he was found.”[2]

Listen! The sin of parents always entangles their children. Any kind of sin always entangles our lives.

What sin easily entangled you in 2009? For some people, it is the sin of talking bad about other people; for others—the sin of looking at women with lust; lying; cheating; gossiping; selfishness; etc.

God sees your heart today and the Spirit of God may be urging you to throw off that sin. This New Year, you may need to do only one New Year’s resolution—to throw off any sin that easily entangles you last year, so that you will endure in running this race.

[1] Wiersbe, “Hebrews,” in Bible Exposition, PC Study Bible CD-Rom.

[2] “4-year-old found drinking beer on the streets,” in, accessed December 18, 2009.


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