As Your Days – 4

2. Sweet Success in the Land.

The second blessing is, “Let him dip his foot in oil” (Deut. 33:24, ESV). What does Moses mean by these words? If you look at the map of Canaan in Moses’ time, there is the northern seacoast, north of modern day Haifa, extending into southern Lebanon—or the base of Lebanon. This the appointed inheritance of Asher in the promised land. Now this northern coast is rocky and mountainous. But the inner part of the land is fertile lands, full of olive groves. Thus Moses says, “let him dip his foot in oil.” The fertile land produces lots of olive groves. These olive groves are trodden under foot in water tanks made of rock.

Have you seen how “ginamos” (bagoong) are made? Ginamos is a mix of paste and fish that are trodden by foot. Maybe that’s why it tastes so good. That’s pretty much how they squeeze olive oil from the olives in those days. (Or perhaps they used some tool to squeeze out the olive oil.)

Asher will be made rich by a thriving olive oil industry. God will give Asher and his tribe sweet success in the land. Listen! For this New Year, your success will follow after you trust God for anything that he will allow to happen to your life. But please don’t measure success by material things alone. There is the success of a Christ-like character that God will form in your life. The promise of success here primarily applies to Asher and his tribe, as they go in and claim the land. But Asher must dip his foot in oil. The land is his, but he needs to go in and work on the land. The oil of blessing will not flow for lazy people. You need to claim it by working on it.


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