Final Judgment – 3

The People of Final Judgment (Rev. 20:12-13)

All kinds of people who lived without Christ and who died without Christ, will be standing before the throne of God, on this final judgment day. This is not the judgment of the saint, but the judgment of the sinner. It is not the judgment of those in Christ, but those in Adam. It is not the judgment of the believer, but the unbeliever.[1]

1. People Who are Great and Small. John wrote, “And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God, and books were opened” (Rev. 20:12, NKJV). “Great” is from megas, which in this context means, great “of measure; of age; to include all concerned (BAGD); “pertaining to being great in terms of status – ‘great, important.’” (Louw-Nida) “Small” is from micros, “in age; For the designation of all the members of the group” (BAGD); “pertaining to being of low or unimportant status” (Louw-Nida).

John saw all the important people and all the unimportant people, standing before the presence of God. Both the petty thief and the big-time corrupt government official will be there. Both the mass murderer and the mouth murderer will be there. Both the rich and the poor, and the young and the old will be there. Both the high and mighty and the low and powerless, will be there. Both the religious and the irreligious will be there. Both the church-goer and the out of church will be there. (Even if you are religious, but you don’t have Christ in your life, then you will still stand before the throne on that day.) Nobody without Christ is exempted. Everybody in Adam will be included.

2. People from the Sea, Death, and Hades.And the sea gave up the dead who were in it, Death and Hades gave up the dead who were in them, and they were judged, each one of them, according to what they had done” (Rev. 20:13, ESV). Why the sea? Can you count the dead in the sea? They are innumerable.

When the Princess of the Ocean capsized off Romblon in 2008, they counted 700 lost. Out of 700, only about more than 100 bodies were recovered. Where are the rest? They are all buried under the sea and unaccounted for. Until recently, many families haven’t yet recovered the bodies of their loved ones.

Many have died in the sea and are unaccounted. But the Bible says that on the Great White Throne Judgment, the sea will give up its dead. This means that even the unaccounted will be accounted. Nobody will be absent on this final day. The omniscience (all-knowingness) of God will ensure that everyone will be there. No one will escape this final judgment. All those buried in the sea will rise from the dead in this 2nd Resurrection.

All those who died without Christ in the great flood in the days of Noah will stand before the throne of God. All the thousands who have died during the great naval battles of WW1 and WW2 will be there. [2] All the 1,500+ who died in the Titanic, the 4,000+ in Dona Paz, and the 700+ in the Princess of the Ocean, and millions more in all the sea disasters in the Philippines and around the world will be there.

[1] Merritt, “Here,”
[2] Merritt, “Here,”

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