Blessed Are the Poor: A Reading Journey

The reading assignment is interesting—something that I would do for the first time. My task is to read Luke’s gospel to a poor person. I found one who was kind enough to help me. His name is Henry. A head of the family, he works as an all-around man in a school. His role in my reading project is simple—just to listen to the reading of the gospel according to Luke. Before our two part session, I was wondering if he would listen well, or if Jesus’ claims and promises might ring a bell in his mind. Matthew speaks of kingdom blessing to the poor in spirit; but Luke speaks of kingdom blessing only to the poor. I think the poor here refers to the materially poor and powerless people on earth, and not just the poor in spirit, as Luke has shown in his gospel. Yet I was wondering how Luke’s version of Jesus’ rule would sound to the ears of the poor. . . . more


2 thoughts on “Blessed Are the Poor: A Reading Journey

  1. hi pastor hen! how are you?
    i’m really blessed to still be in touch with God’s word through your posts..i don’t get to attend church lately because of the kind of work schedule I have and it makes me spiritually hungry..the thought of it makes me miss church all the more,especially IBCP. i spend time with God in prayer and His word by reading the Bible and checking out your website every now and then…thanks for keeping me updated..=)
    God bless you and best regards to everyone in church! i miss you all!

    • hi april!

      good to hear from you! glad to know that you continue to read His wonderful Word. the Lord understands your situation. He knows your heart! yes, i try to keep bringing out the true message of the written Word as diligently, passionately, and faithfully as i can by the Spirit’s enabling. He has seen it fit to use the posts to nourish many people around the world. in recent days, i’m surprised to know that an average of 25 people read my posts, up from 10. the more people share it with others thru facebook, twitter, etc., the more we get to spread the powerful, life-changing, God-glorifying purposes of His Word.
      this sunday is thanksgiving sunday, with many special numbers. dec. 17-18 evangelistic movie at bgy. umapad, mandaue. dec. 19 christmas party. will start a new group in mactan by early december, Lord-willing. lots of exciting things to do. thank you for your prayers! take care and the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you, and give you peace!

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