Mapping the Road From Exegesis to Theology

(This paper is published here as a theological reference for the pastor, teacher, seminary student, scholar, and every thoughtful believer.)

In this essay, I will attempt to identify a road map that leads from the exegetical task to an exegetical theology. It is a road that is traveled countless of times by biblical preachers and
academics — through sermons, papers, and dissertations in biblical studies. Yet it is a road that is often left uncharted, except when a theology professor requires it as part of the grade. The road map begins with a picture of theology, followed by an attempt to discern the patterns of doctrine in light of the perspective of the whole of Scripture, while consulting the perceptions of the past and present interpretive communities. . . . more

Permissions: You may copy or distribute this material in part or in whole, provided that you do the following: (1) Acknowledge the name of the author (by announcement if before an audience or class; or proper footnotes/bibliography in a paper or book). (2) Do not change the words or word order. (3) Do not charge a fee beyond the cost of copying or distributing.
Disclaimer: I’ve tried to give credit to whom credit is due.  If there is any original thought or reference which I failed to footnote, please call my attention.  Once validated, it will be corrected immediately.
Plagiarists will be shot!

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