God Provides in Difficult Times

This sermon was delivered last November 21, 2010 at God of Grace Christian Fellowship, Inc. (Independent Baptist), Escario St., Cebu City, Philippines

This is the second sermon in our Thanksgiving Sermon Series this November. Today, we will learn how to desire, expect, and take hold of God’s supply in difficult times. God promises to supply our needs, for it pleases God to provide for His children. But in the miracle of the widow’s oil, we learn valuable lessons on how to receive God’s provision in times of need. Most of all, I hope that we will learn that the most satisfying blessing of all is the blessing of God Himself filling us with affections of adoration of Him.

We learn these lessons as we study the Severity of the problem of the widow, the Size of the potential of the widow’s faith, and the Scope of divine provision. more


2 thoughts on “God Provides in Difficult Times

  1. Pastor,
    Thank you for sharing with me this sermon,though i am in the other region of the philippines but i am still reminded with it and blessed by the Word of God through His preacher (Pastor Henry). It is indeed a powerful message, good for the unguarded heart.thank you and God bless you more for declaring His Word.
    Praying for you…

    • hello brother leo,

      thank you for visiting my blog and reading it. yes, the Lord provides, esp. in difficult times!
      feel free to forward the messages to others. the Lord bless you as you follow His call in your life!


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