A Tale of Three Hearts — 2

Last Sunday, we learned an important lesson—the quality of our lives depends on the quality of our heart relationship with God. God looks at our hearts and deals with each of us accordingly.

Yet there is the element of divine grace. Even though our heart relationship with God oftentimes fall short of His standard, He deals with us graciously.

We learned how God deals with three kinds of hearts. The first heart is a divided heart—the heart of Jehoram. A divided heart earns the condemnation of God. The second heart is a sensitive heart—the heart of Jehoshaphat. A sensitive heart gets the attention of God.

There is the third heart, the consecrated heart—the heart of Elisha. To consecrate your heart is to offer and set apart your heart to God. A consecrated heart is a heart that is wholeheartedly, totally, and unreservedly consecrated for God. This kind of heart gains the cooperation of God. . . . more


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