A Faith Journey — 1

The writer of 2 Kings presents a series of miracles of Elisha for the sake of Israel. The cluster of miracles of Elijah and Elisha serve several purposes. One is to show Israel that Yahweh remains faithful to Israel even after the division of the kingdom of Solomon. The other purpose is to bless Israel for her obedience and curse her for her disobedience. The miracles also show Israel that despite the godlessness of her kings, Yahweh remains gracious and merciful in difficult times. The bottom line therefore is the glory of Yahweh in Israel.

At this point, the writer introduces us to the Shunnamite woman. She is called a Shunnamite because she lives in Shunem, a village about 15 to 25 miles southeast of Mt. Carmel where Elisha lived. The narrative is about the faith of the Shunnamite woman. It is a faith that describes the faith journey of Israel and of ours as well.

Warren W. Wiersbe has rightly said that when you trusted Christ as your personal Savior, you were automatically enrolled in a school. That school is the school of faith. In the school of faith, the Bible is your textbook. The troubles in life are the exams. In school, we study the subject and still fail the exam! But in the school of faith, after we fail the exam, we know the subject!

That’s what happened to the Shunnamite woman. Her faith was rewarded by the gift of a son, but her son died. She went through a difficult time of anguish. But in her anguish, she expected the mercy of God.

That is how Israel should trust Yahweh, her covenant God. That is also how you and I should also trust the same God today.

I’d like to share with you eight marks of the faith of Shunnamite woman. . . . more


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