“Give to the Men, That They May Eat”

We noted earlier that one divine purpose for the miracles of Elijah and Elisha is to show the faithfulness of God to Israel, despite the godlessness of her kings. There is another purpose—to show the sovereign power and goodness of God to Israel, compared to the utter powerlessness and evil of Baalism. Baalism was the official, state-sanctioned religion operating in Israel at the time.

If Israel shall obey Yahweh, Yahweh shall bless her. If Israel disobeys Yahweh, Yahweh shall curse her. But in the midst of divine judgment is also divine grace. In the blessing and curse of Israel by Yahweh, all Israel shall know that only Yahweh is the true and gracious God.1

We encounter two more miracles of Elisha—what I call food miracles. The first miracle concerns poisonous food in the pot, and the second miracle, multiplying food for one hundred prophets. Both miracles involve only one group—the sons of prophets. The sons of prophets are the student prophets, what we call seminary students today, who are the prophetic preachers of tomorrow.

In the second miracle, Elisha said, “Give them to the men, that they may eat” (2 Ki. 4:43, ESV). That’s a good command for us today. Give your portion to the servants of God that they may eat. We shall learn that God uses committed people to provide for His servants.

I’d like to point out three important principles we learn from these two miracles. . . . more


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