A Theology of Work (A Labor Day Sermon)

Today is Labor Day (May 1). This day is dedicated to all the employees and laborers in the land. But many Filipinos dedicate this day to the beach.

Since it is Labor Day, I will give a biblical sermon on work. How many of you have heard a scriptural sermon on work? We need to recover a biblical theology of work.

I read that most workers regard their jobs as a necessary grind to finance needs. If you ask your co-workers if they like their jobs, most likely, most of them will tell you that they don’t. I worked in sales in the same company for 20 years. For most of those years, I liked my job. It paid good money, travel abroad, and stay in 5-star hotels in the country. But there came a time when I no longer look forward to Monday.

We need to follow God’s will about work. I’d like to share three things about work today. . . . more


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