The Tragedy of Unbelief and the Triumph of Faith

Today, I launch a sermon series on, “Go and Possess the Land: Expanding Our Borders for His Glory,” covering June to October, 2011. We will study Num. 13:1-14:10 and Josh. 1-11, which tell us how Israel possessed the land of promise. This is not a “topical” sermon series, but an “expository” sermon series.

Have you heard of sermons that speak more about the topic of the pastor than the text of the Bible? That is a topical sermon. The problem with topical sermons is that the topic is imposed on the text. Conversely, the text is made to support the topic, which is oftentimes not found in the text.

But an exegetical, expository sermon speaks the pure message of the text. It allows the ancient text to speak for itself then, and applies it to the listeners of today. By expository, we will draw out the meaning of the writer. The text will determine the structure and content of the sermon. Then we will pick up eternal lessons on how to claim your blessing and expand your borders for God.

This is hard work. It is far easier to make a topical sermon than an expository sermon. But I contend that the soul is more nourished with the Word through expository preaching than any other preaching. . . . more


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