The Tragedy of Unbelief and the Triumph of Faith – 2

In Num. 13, we find the Israelites now standing at the southern border of the land of Canaan—the promised land of Yahweh. They were about to go and possess the land. But the ten spies discouraged them, giving an evil report of the land. There was the Announcement of Unbelief—“the People are Strong.” The result—they began to fear the people of the land. They lost faith in the power of Yahweh to bring them into the land. They revolted against their God. This is the tragedy of unbelief.

But there is also the triumph of faith in Caleb. He gave the Affirmation of Faith: “Let us certainly go up.”

Today, we shall look into two things—the rebuttal of the ten spies and the final reply of Joshua and Caleb. I hope that as we study this chapter of Israel’s history, you will experience the triumph of faith, as you focus on the promises and power of God. . . more


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