The Call of Joshua: Finding Your Success in God Alone

In Num. 13, Israel were standing at the southern border of the promised land. But they feared the people of the land. They wanted to go back to the comforts of Egypt. They fell into unbelief and rebellion against Yahweh. Thus, God judged Israel, making her wander in the wilderness for forty years. A whole generation of Israelites died there, without ever seeing the land.

Fast forward to Joshua 1 where Israel is now under the leadership of Joshua. They are now camped on the east bank of the Jordan river. The land of promise is located on the western side of the Jordan. These Israelites are the new generation—the sons and daughters of their parents who rejected God’s promise.

The question is—Will they persevere until they possess the land? How will they win the battles?

To some degree, you and I are like these Israelites. You have come from a state of unbelief to a state of faith in Christ. Since the day you trusted Christ as Savior, you embarked on a spiritual journey with God to your promised land—your inheritance in Christ. You are bound to inherit all the blessings of Christ when He comes again (Eph. 1).

Yet the question is—Will you persevere in the journey? How will you win the battles along the way? We shall learn the key to our success in Joshua 1 in the call of Joshua. The call of Joshua is also a call for every Christian to find your success and victory in God alone. . . . more


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