The Pleasure of Grace Amid the Pain of Justice

Many sermons have focused on the faith of Rahab for good reason. Rahab’s faith is an important theme in the NT. The NT cites Rahab’s act of saving the two spies in Joshua 2 as a demonstration of true faith and obedience to God (Heb. 11:31; Jas. 2:25).

Yet my purpose in this sermon is not to show how the NT interprets Rahab’s faith, but how Rahab’s faith fits the framework of Joshua. Have you asked why the story of Rahab is included in the beginning of the campaign to possess the land? There is a theological reason for that. In Josh. 1:8, Yahweh commanded Joshua to obey the Book of the Law. That Book of the Law calls for “the ban”—the destruction of all Canaanites, to stop their idolatrous influence over Israel (Deut. 20:10-18). In short, every man, woman, and child in the land shall be terminated.

My intent in this sermon therefore is to show the most probable theological reason for the inclusion of the story of Rahab in Joshua 2—to address the theological question of how Israel shall execute the ban—the destruction of all Canaanites.1 . . . more


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