A Christ-Centered Christmas

Many are pleasantly surprised with the gift-giving practice of our church. Some families make it a habit to give gifts to everyone in our church every December. We don’t have very rich sponsors in our church. We also don’t hold Christmas raffles with expensive prizes. That was the usual practice in my company days. During Christmas party, we would all stay until the party ends. Most of us wanted to go back to our hotel rooms early. But we always stayed in our seats. The big prizes—trip abroad, TV sets, refrigerators, computers, etc.—were all too juicy to miss. Those who go home early forfeit their chance to win. So we all stayed. We all looked forward to it. We all wanted to win the big prize. It was the climactic moment of our Christmas party. In short, we developed a materialistic mindset every Christmas.

In church, however, we’d like to make it simple, spiritual, and scriptural. We don’t want to copy the world in our church. We don’t want our people to go home thinking how they could have won that big refrigerator instead of only a small bag of apples! That is not what Christmas is all about.

In our church, a number of families save some hard-earned money. These wonderful people look for nice but relatively inexpensive gifts throughout the year. I learned a valuable lesson. You don’t need rich people to sponsor your Christmas party. You just need enough average people with giving hearts! You also don’t need much money to buy a gift for everyone. You just need enough discipline to save money throughout the year.

This Christmas, do you have nothing to give because you don’t have money for it? It’s okay. The best gift you can give this Christmas is the gift of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. Give Christ to others. God has called you to testify about the Savior, who is Christ the Lord. Christmas is one of the best times to share Jesus. Tell your family about the true meaning of Christ’s birth. Send a text message of Jesus’ birth to a friend. Share the love of God in Christ.

The gift of God’s Son is the best gift you can give this Christmas!


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