Predict Your Future Today–Plan Ahead

Stephen Covey wrote, “The best way you can predict your future is to create it.” The first thing to do to create your future is to plan ahead.

Remember the question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Years ago, Jan Marie told me that she wants to be a teacher. Two years ago, she told me that she wants to be an astro-physicist! Last year, she told me that she wants to be a fashion designer. Next year, I’m not sure what she wants to be anymore.

Are you right now where you wanted to be years ago? If you are not right now where you want to be, it may be because you failed to plan your work and work your plan.

This week, I’d like our church leaders to visualize where the Lord wants us to be. Notice that I did not say, where we want to be. I said–where the Lord wants us to be. You see, our purposes and ministries as a church are dictated by the Lord. Our church is a spiritual church led by the Spirit of God. That is why we must discern the wisdom of the Spirit this week.

Like Peter, we’re going to go on a rooftop overlooking the city. We’re going to pray and seek His will for 2012 as we look over the city.

For all of us, we’re going to learn how to plan ahead from the book of Proverbs in the first quarter. The book of Proverbs belongs to the category of wisdom books in the Hebrew Bible, including Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs, and yes, Job. Proverbs is so full of divine wisdom. To overlook it is to miss out on God’s practical rules for joyful and meaningful living.

I’ve not heard many sermons from Proverbs. I wish I attended a Bible study on Proverbs. I wish I had learned the principles in Proverbs early in life, so that I could have avoided a lot of terrible mistakes in my life.

But for your benefit, I’m launching a sermon series on Proverbs called, “Divine Wisdom for the New Year.” We don’t know what the New Year will bring us. But if we know divine wisdom, we can face anything in the New Year.


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