The Fear of the Lord and Long Life — 2

The fear of the Lord prolongs [adds strength] life, but the years of the wicked will be short (10:27).

The hope of the righteous brings joy, but the expectation of the wicked will perish (10:28).

A1 The way of the Lord is a stronghold to the blameless, but destruction to evildoers (10:29)

B1 The righteous will never be removed, but the wicked will not dwell in the land (10:30)

The lack of the fear of God shortens the life of the wicked (v. 27). Their life is short in quality, lacking the strength of God.

Also, the way of the Lord brings destruction upon them (v. 29). The word, “destruction” (Heb. mehitta) basically means, “to be broken,” carrying ideas of fear or demoralization (TWOT). Thus, as the fear of God adds strength to the righteous, the way of God brings fear or discouragement to the wicked.

In B, the phrase, “brings joy” (Heb. imha), means, “glad result” (BDB) Because the righteous fears the Lord, his hope results in joy. If you fear the Lord, your hopes will be fulfilled. Because your hopes are fulfilled, you will be joyful. Your life will be a life of fulfillment, not disappointment. Your life will be a life of satisfaction, not dissatisfaction.

In B1 (v. 30), the verb, “removed” (Heb. mot), means, “shaken.” The word is used of a pole (Heb. mota), which shakes when the bearer carries it, because of the heavy fruits tied to it. The picture is about the righteous living secure in the land, compared to the insecure living of the wicked.

However, the hope of the wicked will “perish,” or be unfulfilled. His hopes will be unfulfilled for he will not dwell in the land. This is a picture of an insecure, shaky, unfulfilled life.

If you fear God, He will add strength to your life. The Lord is your stronghold, your protection. You dwell secure in the land. You will never be shaken! You are secure and immoveable in the hands of the Lord!

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