The Fear of God and the Confident Life

In the fear of the Lord one has strong confidence, and his children will have a refuge (Prov. 14:26).

In Prov. 14:26, the word, “confidence” (Heb. mibtah) means, having a positive feeling of confidence resulting from having someone that you can trust absolutely. (TWOT)

Sometimes, my 10 yr. old daughter, Jan Marie, would ask me to go up the stairs with her. She doesn’t want to be there alone in the second floor. So she calls me to go up with her. She has that positive feeling that someone she trusts is there with her. Confidence involves the feeling of being safe and secure.

Thus, in the fear of God is the feeling of strong confidence in God. Because you fear God, you feel that life will be all right because God will see you through. You feel safe and secure from the storms coming your way. You know that God will be there for you.

In the fear of the Lord, your children will also find refuge. When you feel confident in God, your whole family will know it. You are the key to your family’s confidence.

When you fear God, your kids will find God as their refuge. The word, “refuge” (Heb. mahseh), means, “shelter” or “place of refuge.” The picture here is that of defenseless soldiers who run to the high hills to take refuge or protection from the enemy. The “safe height” or “strong rock” becomes the place of refuge for the helpless soldier for protection. That is why the word, “refuge,” is a synonym of “stronghold” (Prov. 10:29). (TWOT)

When you make God your refuge, your stronghold, you acknowledge before God your helplessness. You accept that you are insecure without Him. You admit that God is your stronghold and security.


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