Prosperity Gained Without Hard Work, Will Dwindle

Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it (v. 11).

We see another way you will lose your money in v. 11. You will lose your money if you gain it “hastily.” The adjective, “hastily” (Heb. hebel), means, “vapour, breath,” or symbolically, “vanity” (BDB), “emptiness,” or “nothingness.” Thus, you lose your money if you gain it out of nothing, or “not by solid toil.” (BDB)

If you make money, not out of diligence and hard work, then your money will dwindle. One good example of making money the easy way, and not the hard way, is through gambling (e.g. lotto, bingo, sabong, casino, etc.). I haven’t bought any lottery ticket, nor won the lottery. But I know it because that’s what the Bible says!

So how do you make money that will not dwindle? Word hard for it. Plan for it. Flee from easy, immoral, and lazy ways of making money. If it’s the quick and easy but immoral way, it is likely not God’s will.

The money you gain from the easy way will decrease. But the money you gain out of hard work will increase.


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