Practical Thoughts on Poverty and Prosperity in Proverbs

The book of Proverbs tells about God’s practical thoughts on poverty and prosperity. I use the word, “practical,” because it is indeed. Proverbs gives us practical advice about money, hard work, honesty, etc.

When was the last time you heard a sermon series on Proverbs? Many pastors seldom preach on Proverbs. It is probably because Proverbs can be difficult to understand. I must admit that some parts of Proverbs can be hard. But the Spirit of God has included it in Scripture to benefit God’s people. Its practical wisdom is vital for Christian living today. For pastors who do not own a commentary on Proverbs, they are readily available in the internet. Perhaps the only unacceptable excuse for not teaching it is the negligence and laziness of the pastor.

I wish that pastors will teach these principles from Proverbs. It will spare many people from all the trouble of poverty. It will also save them from all the trouble of prosperity. Yes, both prosperity and poverty bring trouble in one’s life, as we have learned in Proverbs.

Thus far, we have learned Ten Principles on Poverty and Prosperity in Proverbs.

  1. Poverty is a Result of Laziness.
  2. Poverty is Prevented by Diligence and Divine Sovereignty.
  3. Prosperity Gained Without Diligence Will Dwindle.
  4. Poverty is a Consequence of Injustice and Sin.
  5. Poverty is an Opportunity for Generosity.
  6. Poverty is Powerlessness.
  7. Prosperity is Power, But God Judges the Abuse of Power.
  8. Poverty is Better Than Dishonesty.
  9. Poverty Can Be Caused By the Love of Pleasure.
  10. Prosperity Comes with Humility, the Fear of God, Diligence, and Self-Discipline.

In case you missed reading some of it, you may review it all in this same page.


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