The Meaning of the Name

God Exists. The name, Yahweh, I AM THAT I AM, means that God exists. The price of rice may go up and money is hard to find, but God is there! People don’t like your values.  They misunderstand you.  They hurt you.  They forget you, but God is there! The president of Iran hates Israel. He wants to erase Israel from the world map, but God is there!

I remember a movie about a housewife living with her husband out in their farmland. Nora Aunor played the housewife, and Albert Martinez, the husband.  Every day, Nora Aunor would cook for him, wash his clothes, and work out in the fields.  Yet every day, he would act as if she were not there.  He talked to her sometimes.  But he ignored her most of the time. He ignored her when he got another woman, played by Glydel Mercado.  He ignored her when he went out of the house without telling her where he’d go.

Many people today believe that God is there, but live as if He is not there. They have no place for God in their hearts. They enjoy the gifts of God, but they have no affection for the giver of those gifts. They go to church every week, but God is not the center of their lives.

The most important Name of God, Yahweh, means that God exists.  He is there. He will accomplish His purposes for His Name throughout all the ages.

Therefore, let us stop living as if He is not there. Let us stop seeking our own private pleasures, but His pleasure alone. Let us enjoy the Giver, more than the gifts. Let us make God the center of our affections, and not just make Him a matter of obligation. Let us stop seeking our own glory, but His alone.


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