The Otherness of Christ

Today, I shall bring out the holiness of Christ, which shows the otherness of God. The holiness of God is the otherness of God. The otherness of God is the transcendence of God. The transcendence of God is that which sets Him apart from His creation.

Since God is so other and over and apart from anyone else, how do you respond to the otherness of God? One, you can tremble in fear or terror. Two, you can invent another god that you will try to understand. Or three, you can see the holiness of God, see your sinful self in need of His mercy, and worship God in the beauty of His holiness.

I remember 27 years ago, I was conversing with my cousin who was brilliant. He told me that the reason there is a God is because there is Satan. The reason there is good is because there is evil. People invent God because of evil. Religion is therefore for weak people. It is for weak people because they need God as a crutch to help them stand and walk through life. They are afraid of many things. So they invent a God who could give them courage to face those fears.

Twenty-seven years ago, I didn’t know how to answer him. With that in mind, let’s look at Mark 4.


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