What Kind of God is This?

The waves were tearing into the boat, filling the boat with water. While the winds were tearing the boat apart, Jesus was in there sleeping. The disciples were scared and annoyed at Jesus—“Don’t you care that we’re perishing?” This seems to confirm my cousins’ analysis. We believe in God because we are afraid of the things that threaten us.

We then take it one step forward. People call nature by personal names, attributing to it personal power to protect them from nature. Hence, when they are frightened at the storm, they then ask the god of the storm to be merciful to you. They try to bribe him with their offerings, hoping to deflect these dangers away from you. This, my cousin believed, is the cause of religion.

The disciples were afraid of nature, fearing for their lives. So they rebuke Jesus. What’s the matter with you? Don’t you care that we’re perishing. Jesus awoke and He ignored the rebuke of His disciples. He did not rebuke them. He rebuked the very forces of nature instead. “Peace! Be still!”

What was the reaction from the disciples? You would have thought that they would have thrown their oars into the air and shouted, “Thank you, Jesus!” “Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! But, no.

The Bible says, they became greatly afraid. Jesus’ action did not remove their fears. It intensified it. They became more afraid. Now their terror was not of the wind and sea but of Jesus. They said, “What kind of man is that, that even the wind and the sea obey him?”


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