A Holy Jesus Who Calls Attention to Our Sin

What kind of Jesus have you heard from other pastors, priests, and preachers?  Do you hear a feel-good Jesus who doesn’t mind your sin and who doesn’t make you feel guilty? Do you hear a dream Jesus, who stands ready to fulfill your dreams, but doesn’t require you anything? Do you believe a toothless Jesus?

People today don’t want a holy Jesus. They want a safe Jesus. They want a blessed Jesus meek and mild. They want a Jesus who can accommodate their sin. They want a Jesus, robbed of His otherness and holiness. They want a Jesus who can accommodate an unholy people.

But not one who commands a storm. Not one who is a stranger.  Not one who makes people feel their sinfulness. They don’t want one who can make people feel guilty of their sin. They don’t want a Jesus who can call their attention to their sin just by His power of the winds, the waves, and the fish.

But there is something wrong here. There is something wrong when we seek to defang and declaw the holy one of Israel, to accommodate an unholy people. (Paul Washer)

We do not need such a false Jesus. We need to see in the fullness of his Glory, in the fullness of his radiant holiness, in the majesty of his power, in the authority of his command.

I do not need an unholy God. There is enough unholiness in me. I am not obsessed with holiness because I am holy. I need the holiness of God because it is my only hope for my unholiness. Without his holiness there would be no end for my wickedness, no restraint for my sin. (Washer)

Only by seeing the holiness of God can you begin to see the sinfulness of your sinful self. Only by worshiping God in the beauty of His holiness, can you begin to move away from your sin. The holiness of God therefore is your only hope for your unholiness. It is our only hope for the end of your wickedness and the restraint for your sin.

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