God Created

One Sunday, Jan Marie drew a picture of April and Hannah right here in church. When April and Hannah saw the drawings, they were delighted to see how it really looked like them. Then Jan Marie drew a picture of brother Felix. When I saw it, I knew it looked like brother Felix, because the head was bald!

Jan Marie used a pencil and eraser and paper for drawing. She created something out of something. Yet the Bible says that God created the universe out of nothing! The verb, “created,” here is from the Hebrew, bara, which means, “to shape, fashion” (BDB), “form, make, produce” (TWOT). Whenever this word, bara, is used in the Old Testament, it is always with God as the subject. The OT uses it always with God as the one who performs the action of creating. It does not say, “man created” or “woman created.” It only says, “God created.” This word, bara, is reserved only for God, Elohim. The Bible reserves the act of creating only to Elohim. Hence, Elohim refers to God the Creator.

Some scholars say the word, elohim, comes from the root word, el, which means, “mighty” or “powerful.” Elohim therefore means, “God, Mighty Creator,” or “God, Powerful Creator.”


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