God is Independent of Anyone

Second, God is Independent of Anyone. After Paul makes a declaration of praise of the depth of the riches of God’s kindness, wisdom, and knowledge, he proceeds to give two illustrations. He gives these two illustrations in the form of three rhetorical questions.

In v. 34, Paul poses the picture of a counselor. “For who has known the mind of the Lord, or who has been his counselor?” (v. 34). The picture seems to be that of a counselor giving advice to another or some counselor who is wiser than God. In other words, Paul is asking, “Who knows God’s mind?” The answer is, no one knows the mind of God. No, no one knows better than God.

Paul then asks a second rhetorical question, “Who counsels God?” “Who gives God advice in what to do or how to accomplish His plan of redemption?” The answer is, no one advises God in His decrees.

So please don’t tell God how to save sinners. If you still work for your salvation, or if you still rely on your religion for redemption, it is like telling God that your way is better than his way, which is salvation by grace through faith in Christ.

Please don’t tell God how to run your life. If you don’t obey God’s Word, it’s like telling him that you know better than God in running your life.

Don’t tell God what is right and wrong. Don’t tell God that right is wrong and wrong is right. Don’t tell God that homosexuality or gay marriage is okay. Don’t tell God that lying and stealing once in a while is okay so long as it will save you from a bad situation.

To disobey God is suicide. To obey God is blessing!

God is infinitely independent of those outside of Himself in His judgments. God is infinitely independent in His decisions. God does not depend on the advice of His creatures. God’s decisions are sovereign, free from any advice of any created being.


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