There is a God in Heaven

For many Filipinos, working abroad is the only way to get a job. Nickee de Leon reports, that “during the period April to September 2007, 92.4 percent (1.61 million) were Overseas Contract Workers (OCW) . . . ‘OFWs sent a total remittance of Php 110 billion for the period April to September 2007, an increase of Php 8 billion (7.7%) from the estimated remittance of Php 102 billion for the same months in 2006. . . OFWs working in Asia, comprising 78.1 percent of all OFWs, sent the biggest cash remittance of Php 57.7 billion.’”[1]

But what if 10% of the 1.61 M Filipinos will suddenly lose their jobs today? That would be 161,000 overseas workers out of a job, plus 805,000 of their families back home out of support. What if their base country goes into civil war like Libya, and now, Syria?

We live in a world of insecurity and uncertainty. What kind of world is your life today?  Are you worried about tomorrow? Maybe you don’t; but your parents do.

Where is God in all these? The second chapter of Daniel gives us one message. God creates history. God controls history. God completes history. This means that your hope and security is not in the rich economies of the world. It is in God alone, in Christ alone.

Today, we shall take a look at the sovereignty of God in Daniel 2.

[1] Nickee de Leon, “The Global Pinoy: The Modern Day Heroes,” The Asian Journal Blog, Oct. 16, 2008. Cited August 25, 2012. Online:


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