God is Our Strength

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1 ESV).

It does not mean that God gives you strength. It means here that God is the strength of Israel. God exerts His strength against Israel’s enemies. Ps. 21:8, “Your hand will find out all your enemies; your right hand will find out those who hate you.” (ESV)

In vv. 6 and 8, the writers cite the raging of the nations and the destructive works of the Lord on the earth. The strength of Yahweh then is the might of Yahweh against Israel’s enemies.

Thus, as our refuge, God keeps us safe. As our strength, God fights for us.

I became a new believer back in High School. I started carrying a Bible with me going to church. In those days, Bibles are nowhere to be seen in Catholic Philippines. To millions of Catholics who were not taught to buy, read, and carry their Bibles for themselves, anyone carrying a Bible looks weird, unusual, fanatical, or a Protestant. Our neighbors would watch me and say, “Nabu-ang na si Boboy.” (Boboy has gone mad.)

One day some young guys started to talk trash about me and my new faith. When my young brother heard about it, he went to them and told them to stop it. That day, I learned that my young brother fights for me.

Say it now, “God is my strength!”


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