God Has Established the Earth

For he has founded it upon the seas and established it upon the rivers” (Ps. 24:2, ESV). Where did the LORD establish the earth? David says, “upon the seas,” “upon the rivers.” The “rivers” may mean the currents under the seas. In the OT, the earth sits upon the ocean. Ps. 136:6, “To him who spread out the earth above the waters” (ESV).

People of the ancient Near East held to certain beliefs concerning the origin of the universe (cosmology).[1] They believed that the seas symbolize chaos. They believed in chaos vs. control, disorder vs. order.

But David declares that God has put the earth upon the seas. It means symbolically, that God has put order over disorder. He has controlled the chaos. The earth then, is the sign of God’s kingship, God’s rule. To see the earth is to see the rule of God.[2]

Now, if God has established the earth, and put order over disorder, will He not then put order and purpose in your life? Is your life today one of chaos and confusion? Make God king of your life, and He will establish you.

[1] James Luther Mays, Psalms (Int.; ed. Patrick D. Miller, Jr.; Louisville: John Knox, 1994), 120.

[2] Mays, Psalms, 120.


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