Fulfill Your Vows to the LORD

I will pay my vows to the LORD in the presence of all his people” (Ps. 116:14, ESV). Do you remember making a promise to the Lord? Did you fulfill your vows?

I remember back in college when I promised the Lord that I will obey His call for me to be a pastor. But I did not want to be a pastor. For many years, I served the Lord. I preached. I taught Bible studies. I reached out to prisoners at BBRC every Sunday for four years. I organized missions conferences. I served the Lord, but not as a pastor.

Then after many years, I discerned a strong sense of God’s calling. I discerned that I will become a pastor of this church. I and Mylene prayed about it.

One day, the chairman of the board visited our house with a letter. I told him, “I know what that letter is about. You are calling me to be your pastor.” He dropped his mouth and said, “How did you know?” I told him that six months before, the Lord has impressed on me that I will pastor the church.

I’m glad that I fulfilled my vows to the Lord.

What have you vowed to do for the Lord? Did you vow to give something to the Lord? Do it today! Did you vow to serve the Lord? Do it today!

How many times did you tell God, “God, if you help me on this, I will go to church?” Are you in church now? “Lord, if you will heal my mother, I will serve you.” Are you serving God now? “Lord, help me find work, and I will give to the church.” Are you giving to the work of the Lord now?

God answers our prayers. But we forget our vows.

What do you render to the Lord for all His benefits? You fulfill your vows to Him. You keep your promises.

It is not enough to just say, “Thank you Lord.” You must do something for the Lord.

Ask yourself this question again. What shall I render to the LORD for all His benefits? Let us follow the psalmist. “I will lift up the cup of salvation. I will call on the name of the LORD. I will fulfill my vows to the LORD.”


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