A Trust Based on Relationship

Pastor Gerry Rizon told me one day about an unforgettable talk he had with a Greek guy in Greece. They were on board the ship, MV Doulos, visiting a port in Greece that week. He met some Greek men in that town. He met one guy who said, “Why is your ship named, ‘Doulos’? In Greek, the word means, servant. It is a word that speaks of a lowly living, an inferior job, a dirty job.”

The man could not understand why the ship is named after a lowly word.

David says that Yahweh is his Lord. In effect, David says that he is Yahweh’s servant. His faith is based on this Lord-servant relationship.

As servant, he belongs to his Lord. As Lord, the Lord owns him. This is the basis of his faith.

It is the basis of our faith also. Your faith should be anchored on the fact that Christ is your Lord, and that you are his servant.

Paul knows it well. In his epistles, he calls himself, “Paul, a bondservant of Christ.”

In v. 2, David says, “I have no good apart from you.” As servant of the LORD, David receives good things from God. The good thing here is the preservation of Yahweh. The good thing is every good thing he receives from his Lord. Yahweh is his Lord, and he is Yahweh’s servant. David is therefore confident that he will receive every good thing from his Lord.

This is the trust and confidence of David in God. His trust in God is based on the Lordship of God in his life.

Is Jesus your Lord today? Do you trust Christ as your Lord? If your trust in God is based on Christ’s lordship of your life, you can be sure that your Lord shall give you all good things.


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