God Works for His People for the Glory of God

Have you noticed what is missing in all the news on TV Patrol or CNN or Bantay Radio? You are! You are not in the news, where all the news is usually about big and powerful people.

It’s okay. Luke shows us that God used all the powerful people, not for their own sake, but for the sake of God’s little people.[1] God uses the big people for the little people—all the Josephs and the Marys that God wants to bless and do something wonderful!

I was talking to our Wednesday prayer group about Manny Pacquiao’s humiliating defeat to Juan Marquez last Dec. 9. Pacquiao fell face down in Round 6 in a knockout by Marquez. Mommy Dionisia blamed Pacquiao’s defeat to his change of religion, from Catholicism to “born again.” She was lamenting how she has lost her son to the pastors. Many people also said that Pacquiao was defeated because he no longer used the rosary.

In the OT, the nations also blamed Israel for her God. In the ancient near east, whenever a nation is defeated, her God is also defeated. So when Israel is defeated in battle, the nations blame it on her God. “Your God is weak.”

But why does Yahweh, the God of Israel, endure such reproach? Why does He seemingly not care for the reproach of the nations against Him, whenever Israel is defeated in war? It is because God fulfills his purpose in Israel’s defeat. Oftentimes, in defeat or poverty, Israel remembers her God more than in victory or prosperity. When Israel remembers Yahweh, she goes back in repentance, loving adoration, and worship of Yahweh. That is what God seeks—His glory among His people. God is more concerned about His glory in Israel than His “ingloriousness” among the pagan nations.

In the same way, God used Pacquiao’s defeat to glorify God. After Pacquiao’s defeat, he was interviewed what he thought about his defeat. He said that God has a good purpose in it. You can be sure that heaven smiled.

God’s agenda is not your prosperity, not your victory, and not your definition of happiness. God’s agenda is God’s glory. God is more concerned with His glory among His people than in other people that do not know Him.

Do not ever think that because you experience difficulty, poverty, or suffering, God’s hand is not moving. God does not seek your prosperity, your comfortability, or your happiness. He seeks His glory in your life. To that end, God rules the circumstances in your life to bless you, for the ultimate purpose of glorifying Himself.

[1] John Piper, “Big God for Little People.” Cited December 23, 2012. Online: http://www.desiringgod.org/resource-library/sermons/a-big-god-for-little-people


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