Three Ways You Can Respond to Christmas: A Post Christmas Message

Today is the first Sunday after the Christmas season.I thought it best that we study how people in the Bible reacted to Jesus’ birth.

Before that, let me share with you how I responded to the birth of my son. After Jomart was born, I could not believe that I’m now a father. I also felt sorry for Jomart. He was born with miconium stain. It required antibiotic injections. Everyday. On his left and right legs and left and right arms. It was a painful sight. Whenever Jomart would see the syringe, he would just start to cry. I was so sorry for him. Then I asked the doctor how the baby would handle pain. He said it’s okay for babies. They have a higher pain threshold than adults. That means they can endure pain better than adults. I was relieved to know about it.

In Matt. 2, Matthew cites three groups of people who responded in different ways to Jesus’ birth.The first group includes a sovereign, a king named Herod and his leaders. The second group were the scholars—the scribes. The third group were the seekers—the wise men.

These three kinds of people reacted differently to the birth of Jesus. As we study their attitudes to the first Christmas, maybe you will realize which character are you.

I hope and pray that you will respond to the birth of Jesus, not with fear, or detachment, but with a heart of faith in Christ and worship.

We learn three ways you can respond to the birth of Christ.


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