The Parable of the Weeds: Two Kingdoms

Jesus said that the rule of God has come upon you. It means that the reign of God has broken into this world with the arrival of the Son of Man.

Why has the rule of God broken into this world? Well, God created this world to give Him glory. But the evil one, the Devil, came into this world through sin and death. The Devil set up his kingdom in the hearts of people through sin. The Devil became the god of this world.

But God did not leave the world to the Devil. Long before time, God planned to take over this world. He will do it by sending His anointed One to save people from their sins. Jesus came preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, the word of the Kingdom. The word of the Kingdom is the preaching of the rule of God, beginning with the coming of His Son. Christ brings in the victory of God over sin and death. That is the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Where is this kingdom of God? Jesus said, “It is in you” (Matt. 12:28). When the disciples trusted Christ as Savior, the King came into their lives. The Kingdom of God has come upon them. When you received Christ by faith, the King came into your life; and the Kingdom of God, the rule of God, has come upon you.

The Kingdom has come, but why did people not bow down to the King? Why did the people remain unrepentant and unbelieving? Why has the Kingdom not triumphed openly and visibly? Why does God not just weed out the evil in this world? Why do believers of the Kingdom suffer pressure and persecution?

Jesus answers these questions with the Parable of the Weeds.We learn three lessons of the Kingdom in the Parable of the Weeds.


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