Blessed are the Meek

Last time, we noted that Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount describes the character of the righteous life of citizens of the Kingdom. But it does not tell us how to attain this righteous life. The literal definition of the word, “blessed,” is, “happy.” However, it does not refer to the happiness of the world. Rather, happiness is God’s favor upon you coming from being right with God.

We also noted that the beatitudes are not entrance requirements of the Kingdom, but eschatological blessings to disciples in the Kingdom. Further, there is the present blessing (“theirs is the kingdom”); but also, the future blessing (“they shall inherit the earth”). God gives partial rewards in the present age, but full rewards in coming age.

Jesus said, Blessed are the poor in spirit—the spiritual beggars who come to God with no self-righteousness, but their own spiritual helplessness. He also said, Blessed are those who mourn over sin.

Today, we shall tackle God’s blessing on the meek.

Blessing no. 3 is in Matt. 5:5—“Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.” The word, “meek” (praus), means, “gentle, kind, considerate, meek (in the older sense of strong but accommodating).” (Friberg) The word, “meek” or “gentle” used to mean, “to bridle wild horses, to put strength and power under control.”[1] A. T. Robertson wrote that meekness is “the gentleness of strength.”

I heard about a trucker who went into a drive-in restaurant along the highway. He had ordered a large steak and was beginning to enjoy it when four motorcycle toughs came in. They roughed up the trucker, cut his steak into four pieces and ate it. The man did not talk back to them. He simply paid   his bill and left.

The tough guys were gloating. One said, “He didn’t say a word or lift a    hand. He wasn’t much of a man, was he?”

The waiter said, “He wasn’t much of a driver either. He just backed his truck over four bikes in the parking lot!”[2]

Meekness means to be strong but gentle.It is power under control.

[1] Keith Krell, “Grand Reversals (Matthew 5:1-12),” Counter-Cultural Christianity. Cited August 17, 2013. Online:

[2] Alton H. McEachern, “Beatitudes: Sermon Series on Beatitudes.” Cited August 24, 2013. Online:


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